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Improve Writing/Word Processing Experience

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I'm a grad student and I use evernote for a lot of extensive note-taking and journalling. I like using evernote and the interface, as well as the structure of notebooks and stacks, is hard to beat in its organisational capabilities.


However, as a word processor, evernote could use a lot of improvement.


  • The default font size is tiny, so i usually increase the font size when i start typing. However, if I hit backspace and reach the beginning of a bullet point or paragraph, it loses all the formating I applied. So the size goes back to a tiny ass 12, and if I bolded the text, that gets lost too.
  • Another nice feature to have would be zooming capabilities.


Hopefully the developers do something about this soon.


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Tiffany, I totally agree that the wordprocessor is Evernote is hopelessly inadequate.


But you CAN set the default font (both typeface and size), at least in the Windows client.  Pull down the "Tools" menu, and choose "Options," then "Note," then "Note Editor Font."  Once set there, it will survive even a backspace from the first-character position.


As for zooming, you can do that in the Web (in your browser) version of Evernote.  You can log into that version at the link below; in it, holding down the Control key while rolling your mouse wheel will zoom the text in or out; whatever other commands your browser normally uses for zooming will work, too.

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