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Terrible audio quality



The sound quality of voice notes in Evernote for Android is horrible, and there are no options to improve audio quality. It's not the mic on my phone because other apps record terrific audio. I want to be able to write down song lyrics and song ideas and be able to listen back later with enough fidelity to actually understand what I was doing. Your ultra low fi recording bit rates make my recordings nearly unintelligible. I don't want to use a different app and import audio, I want you to provide an option to record at a better quality. Your iOS app provides a high quality audio option, why not android?

This has been an issue for years and frankly I am sick of it. I and many others have complained multiple times only to be ignored (not even a response on the forums). If you don't deal with this I am moving to OneNote where at least I am not paying money to be ignored.

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Just to be clear, this is a users-helping-other-users community forum; yes, Evernote hosts the space, but it is NOT the channel by which you normally get a reply from the Evernote corporation.  The way to get that is to politely submit a support request, which will get a tracking number, and likely a response: 



(Evernote may monitor this forum, but it's not an official tech-support or bug-report vehicle.)


All best wishes.



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