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Clipper only saves link, no content, or shows red failed icon

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The clipper(s) for Chrome Mobile don't seem to work as expected. On all mobile platforms (I use) the clipper only grabs the url of a page and no longer it's contents.


On Android clipping results in a note containing a green 'clipping' icon, and after (a server-side process?) grabbing the notes content is updated with the actual content... or (frequently) with a red 'failed' icon.


Clipping from Chrome on iOS results in a note containing only the link to the website. As clipping form Safari DOES work (during clipping the popup shows a page thumbnail before saving the note), so it clould be something with the hook between the Chrome for Mobile browser(s) and the platform.


Are more users experiencing this kind of problems? What's going on and how to fix this?


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