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Alternote won't sync with Evernote and thus won't work



Yosemite, Macbook Pro, 16GB memory


I've downloaded Alternote twice, restarted, done all the usual stuff we do to rescue troubled programs, but Alternote simply won't load my Evernote notes. (I've created a new notebook for it, too.)


It seems like a nice idea, but right now it's a one-star. Is it working for anyone?

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Same problem for me. Alternote opened and I authorized it to sync with selected notebooks [inbox and one other]. "Fetching your account data...." hangs up midway through. Have installed latest Evernote version, uninstalled and reinstalled Alternote, shut down and restarted, etc. Same results each time. Getting the spinning, multi-colored pin wheel and the progress bar stops at the same point each time.


Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am running Yosemite 10.10.3 on a MacBook Pro [Retina, Mid 2012].





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