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Hyperlinks not opening when clicked


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Hi.  Just to be clear - these are blue underlined links saved in a note which you're viewing in Evernote via a Windows browser?  That sound more like a browser issue than an Evernote one.  Have you tried a different browser? Closing and reopening the browser may help.

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I am using evernote on my windows desktop (not in browser).  Same thing happens when trying to click on link in Word, for instance. Doesn't open browser. So, it's not a problem with Evernote I suppose, but so frustrating. Also, I have made sure that the default program for web pages is indicated as chrome - doesn't solve the problem.

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Dandichka, behind the scenes, I believe both Word and Evernote use Internet Explorer's kernel, regardless of which browser you actually use yourself for viewing web pages, for various functions.  So if you've removed or disabled Internet Explorer, that may be your problem. 


Alternatively, antivirus software may be blocking your programs from accessing the internet.


(And, of course, when things go wonky in Windows, sometimes a complete system shutdown, followed by turning the system back on -- a full reboot -- can help.)

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