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Could App Extension behave more like Web Clipper on desktop?

David Chartier


I'd love to be able to choose whether to save an entire article or a bookmark, and pick a notebook and tags while saving. Might this be possible, at least when in certain apps like Safari that 'allow' it to behave properly and give it the whole URL + page contents?



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@David Chartier:

I agree the EN Clipper for Safari iOS needs to be much more capable -- ideally the same as the Mac version.
Until/IF Evernote provides these features on the iOS, here's what I have been doing:
  1. If I want just a part of the web page, I select what I want, and copy to clipboard
  2. Tap the Safari SHARE button, and tap EMAIL, and pick my EN account email
  3. Safari enters the Subject (to be Note title) and the URL in the email body
  4. I double-tap in the body and paste my selection.
    (If all I want is the URL, then I skip this step)
  5. Send email

This has worked pretty well as a work-around.

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