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Default view on opening Evernote for Android

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Perhaps I'm missing something, and if so I would be grateful for help. But on the new Android interface I cannot get Evernote to open to the view I prefer, which is a list of my notebooks. It insists on displaying all the note headers. I can get it to sort them by notebook, but it still shows all the notes, when all I want on opening is the far more convenient (at least for me) list of notebooks.  I used to be able to get this view when Evernote opened on my phone, but no longer.

If this cannot now be done, I would suggest restoring this option on your next update v



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Hi. Look at the far left icon in the green bar across the top of your screen when you open Evernote. The icon is 3 horizontal line. Tap on that to bring up a menu and select the Notebooks option, which is the 3rd choice down on it.

The top of your list of Notbooks will first show the 3 most recent ones you've accessed, then all of them listed in alphabetic order. (Just realized that EN seems to have a thing about the number 3...

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I have the same wish. "goodwords" missed the point I think. We don't need to know how to navigate to notebooks, we want evernote to open to notebooks by default. Seems silly that after all the work creating notebooks (and getting organized) that ever note would default to an unorganized view. So, the question again is: how do you get evernote to open to notebooks (not notes) by default?


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Devs --

Please add my support to this request.

I'm not a heavy user of Evernote, but I do have well over 100 notes on my Android. It would be really helpful to have Evernote open on my Android in the default notebook. Better yet would be an option to set the notebook that should appear on opening.


Either way, maybe then Evernote wouldn't take so long to open that my phone usually comes up with the "Evernote is not responding" message, with a request to send feedback. (I'm using a Google Nexus S. Internal memory available is usually around 200MB of 1GB total.)

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