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Step up your printing game



I used Evernote to organize all of my notes for my finals (Abitur in Germany). Everything runs smooth when I work in the program, but sometimes I needed to print out some of the notes to take further notes or just learn on the go (I hate using smartphone displays for such things) and right there is the problem. Sometimes, I had 1/3 of a page filled with text and the rest was just white space although the picture on the next site would have fitted more than perfectly on the site before. At other times, the layout was just broken and the text everywhere, but not where it should be. The web view gave in some cases a better printing output, in other cases was the result just as bad or worse.

I read on a blog of a developer some time ago that nothing is more painful than programming the printing part of a program and I know you want to support a paperless workflow, but this "bug" just wasted paper and made working with the notes a little bit harder.


I hope you find a solution for my problem in the future because I plan to use Evernote in College too ;)


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Hi. I'm sure Evernote will appreciate your loyalty, but the current fact is that notes don't convert to print very well. Developers do read these forums, so they'll see your request for improvement, but when (or if) that will come along, only they can say. The only workaround I'm aware of at present is to compile your notes in Word or another WP of choice, and attach that file to your note. It doesn't matter if Evernote doesn't search that file type - you have your original text notes acting as keywords. But for printing and presentation, copy and paste the text into a word processor and go from there... (you can still open and edit that file from your note as long as the device on which you're working has the necessary software.

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