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Web Clipper is Broken



I have quit wasting my time trying to figure out what happened to web clipper. I honestly can't believe how much time I wasted (OCD!)! I now use Snippit and save to the correct notebook in Evernote. Doesn't work at home - Google Chrome - Windows 8.1, and doesn't work at work - Google Chrome - Windows 7. Quit working with no explanation. I have never been this frustrated with Evernote before.

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Need a bit more info to diagnose.

- Chrome version

- Web Clipper version number

- OS version number


- Do you see the Web Clipper button in the Chrome toolbar?

- What happens when you click on the Web Clipper button?

- Do you have any Adblock utility / extension installed? If so make sure it isn't wrongfully triggering when the Clipper starts. 

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Seriously, no response to this poor guy?


My web clipper's broken too, and I came looking for answers. Clearly you bugged something out, but crickets on the forums?


Damn. Maybe using Evernote was an incredibly misguided decision...

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