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Printing and text size

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For some of my notes, the text size becomes significantly smaller when I go to print it. Even when I made the font bigger, it's still smaller than it should be. I even tried to re-download the program (I'm on a Mac btw). Weird because some of my notes are printing fine. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Hi.  Are these notes created from clips,  or do they include copied and pasted information from the web?  It sounds like some embedded style formatting is messing with your layout.  You could try copy/ pasting the content of a misbehaving note to a word processor to see  1) how it looks after pasting,  and 2) whether it prints better from there.  If it does print OK,  copy/ Paste it back into the note from the WP and you might have fixed the issue...

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Same problem. Been bothering me for awhile. No rhyme or reason I can tell about when it will print small and not print small. Currently working on a document that was created inside Evernote for Mac. Similar documents made around the same time print normally. One of the lines in a bulleted list doesn't scroll down and disappears off the right margin. All very annoying.

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I was wondering if anyone found a solution for this issue. I am still having this issue with version 6.0.16 for Mac as well as using the online version. I am attaching an example of how the printed note looks. 


Any solutions?



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