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weekday based searchresults

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Hello together,


i'm starting to use Evernote more and more on my job and private as my universal management tool.  

I have created a Notebook called TaskManager and within this Notebook i have 7 Notes from Monday-Sunday

Now my idea was to create a saved search named "today's Tasks" which i will put into my shortcut section.

I need following functionality in the saved search. When the current day it's Monday, show the notebook Monday.

The next day (current day Tuesday) show notebook Tuesday and so on... 

Is it possible to do this with saved search and evtl. tags ? 


Thanks in advance


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I'm not clear on your Note organization or workflow, but here are some ideas for showing Notes due Today:

  1. If you set a reminder for the due date of each task/note, then you could use this Search:
    remindertime:day -remindertime:day+1
  2. IF you have Notebooks named "Monday", "Tuesday", Wednesday", ... then you could:
    1. Use a keyboard macro (like Keyboard Maestro (Mac) or AutoHotKey (Win)) to create the Search terms for Today:
      notebook:<DayName>   (where "<DayName>" is replace by the KB macro to the actual name of the Day.
    2. Of course this assumes that you move the Notes out of these Notebooks when they are completed, or that you add a Tag for Status (like "ST.Open" or "ST.Closed"), in which case you would need to add to the Search term in #2.1:
      notebook:<DayName> -tag:ST.Closed
  3. IF you use Tags named "Monday", "Tuesday", Wednesday", ... then you could:
    1. Use a keyboard macro to create the Search terms for Today:
      tag:<DayName>   (where "<DayName>" is replace by the KB macro to the actual name of the Day.
      tag:<DayName> -tag:ST.Closed

These are just ideas.  You can, of course, modify as needed to meet your needs.

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Can't quite tell from your post, but if you meant that you have 7 notebooks, not notes, from Sunday-Monday you could put the 7 notebooks in a stack and put that stack in the shortcuts bar.  Two clicks and you would be in the notebook. 


However, to JM's point, depending upon what you do with the tasks when they are complete, you might want to add a -reminderdonetime:20100101 to your search to eliminate completed items.  So something like notebook:Monday -reminderdonetime:20100101 should return all uncompleted notes in the Monday notebook whether they have a reminder set or not. 


You can create a dynamic search for this using the tools JM mentions.  To add another to the mix I use PhaseExpress to create dynamic searches and text.  It has a good facility for date logic.

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Hello together.

First of all THANK YOU for the suggestions and examples. Basing on this i solved my issue in a acceptable way.

I have to do some manual actions to get my result, but it’s working.

The first idea was to work without reminders (don’t know if it’s possible…) and create only a saved search which

recognizes the current day (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu…) and basing on this, search result should be a note with the

the name or tag with Monday, Tuesday, etc. 


I try to explain it in a more logical way J

If current day is Monday, then show “Note” with Name Monday OR “Tag” with Name Monday.

If current day is Tuesday, then show “Note” with Name Tuesday OR “Tag” with Name Tuesday. etc.


I guess I can’t do it in this way right ? 



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You can if you would like.  The search would need to be ANY and the the search would be tag:Monday intitle:Monday.  There is no OR operator in the EN search process.  You could make seven saved searches if you like, probably on All Notes as a context, or you could use one of the text expander tools and create 7 hot keys to execute the searches.


Sample below, I don't have a Monday tag but have some notes with Monday in the title.  Hope it helps.




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