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Frustrated: BUG? Misformatted List on my new Android Phone



I love using Evernote. But when I start using my new Android phone, I changed my mind. I found a bug in Evernote that is intolerable for me.


That's my habit, to list a to-do list using numbering and checkboxes (shown in the attachment bug1.jpg).

Everything looks fine on my Windows PCs, Macbooks and iPhones, but not Android phones, especially  when I edit my lists (see bug2.jpg)


The misformatted lists on my Android phone ruined my notes. Now, I can't and won't edit Evernote on my cell phone.


Can someone help? Or can Evernote team take care of my concern?



Phone Model: Samsung Note 4 N9100

Android OS: 5.0.1

Evernote Ver.: 7.0.3



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Hi.  It's not exactly a bug.  Different OS's and screen sizes require different app designs and coding,  so there will inevitably be differences between views on different devices.  Evernote has never suggested it's an all-singing 'to-do' machine,  and the editor in both Windows and Android has several drawbacks,  not least the problems of editing on one device content originated from somewhere else.  This is why lots of Evernote users generally have another app - TickTick / RTM / DropTask etc - there's a long list - to handle simple lists.  They're usually more convenient to use than Evernote for such lists,  and (in some cases) they'll also interface with saved notes so you can keep more detailed stuff in Evernote.

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