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WebClipper is not working as expected

Mata Hari


I made a full page clip on Google as you can see

THis is what i got. It is not even showing the correct web adress so I can click on it and get back to the page

And it allows no comment either


I could not send attached file here since it exceeds the allowed file size and I don't know how to reduce the size of this png file

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Hi.  How did you get to that page?  I did a web search for your person of interest and clipped the page,  which gave me a badly formatted copy although it did include the URL:  http://www.evernote.com/l/AAJip6LMCjdDt5xuC-1hYu5-_6BT5FDGSKY/

Then I tried Clearly,  which seemed to do the trick,  again with URL:  http://www.evernote.com/l/AAIfU8Lz2QRCvJOuGg-9wZKFNRysvgqOe04/
Some web pages are just too big and/ or too complicated to capture properly - although either Clipper or Clearly will usually work,  and if all else fails I screenshot the content I need.
What's your OS?  In most cases it's pretty easy to copy/ paste the URL from the address bar.
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#2: I just googled for "who is Mariela Castro" and got that page which has no correct URL and is very bad looking

Your link to the Clearly clip was not successfull. It is what I see: mostly empty clip.
Yosemit is my OS

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Hi.  I got the links the wrong way around.  The first link in my post above works for me,  and shows a full Google find page.  The second link was the Clipper attempt,  not Clearly,  and it -obviously- didn't work.  The URL was captured too,  which I think answers your original query.

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Hmmn.  Did the clipped page make it to the local database,  or is clipper set to save direct to the server?  And did you see the usual pop-up confirmation that the clip had been made?  Worth keeping a close eye on and submitting as a bug if you can do so with the URL of the offending page...

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