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After New Version (6.0.11) No Notebooks Are Shared Anymore

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Weird stuff going on.


As far as I can tell, after I installed the latest EN upgrade, none of my business notes or notebooks appear to be shared anymore when I am in the desktop version of EN for Mac. The square notebook icons show NO little "crowd" icons at the bottom corner, even though I know I shared some notes and notebooks with one or two of my team members.
But on the desktop version of EN if I click on my business name, all my notebooks have the little grey "crowd" icon and they all have a ZERO next to them. So that's confusing. I thought the little grey crowd icon meant the notebook had been shared, but then the zero is saying it hasn't. 


Anyone else having these issues? I am not sure I'm posting this in the proper forum so I will also post in the genera discussion forum. 



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