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Cannot find long Hyperlinks (URLs) in Evernote

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What is the best way to search for hyperlinks in Evernote?

When I'm searching (pressing F6) for an existing, long hyperlink text, Evernote returns nothing.


This search term works, and returns a result




This does not seem to work, and does not return a hit




Is Evernote unable to find long hyperlinks, or am I doing something wrong?





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Hi.  It may help if you use View > Search Explanation (Ctrl-F10) to swiitch it on.  Evernote doesn't recognise non-alphanumeric characters (apart from "_") so your link is split into single words.  Those with an "-" are interpreted as "exclude this word" instructions,  so you're pretty much selecting against yourself.


Choose the most likely unique part(s) of the address (which I'd guess in your case would be "83026") and you should find it.

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