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Can no longer send pdf to Evernote

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Until I accepted the Evernote update or upgrade on 6 March, I was able to send PDF files from my PC to Evernote via an Evernote option in the "Send to" drop down on the file in my PC. I had sent two just before the upgrade. Since then, I no longer see an option to send to Evernote.


Is this a glitch or has it been removed? To my knowledge, I had never had to set anything for that selection to be available.


My screenshot shows the drop down where until the installation I had the Evernote option with the elephant icon. I use Evernote Premium.


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This is easy to fix.  You can download the utility ENRegEd.exe from here; it's a utility that lets you easily tweak/set various Evernote parameters without having to edit the Registry yourself:



Close the Evernote Windows application, if it's already running, then run EnRegEd.exe.


Select the "Advanced" tab, then hit the button labelled "Restore Send to Evernote in the Context Menu."


Start the Evernote Windows application.  The option you're looking for on the right-click menu should be restored.


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