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Don't Want "Updated" Timestamp


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In the note list in the center, in either snippet or card, in bright green text is the last date/time I update the note.  That information is irrelevant to me and the visual is very distracting.  I would like to either turn that off or change that to the date it was created, which is relevant to me.  Better yet, since I use evernote to transcribe meetings and phone conversations, I would like that green text to be when the meeting/phone conversation started.  Right now, I have to type the note, which could be the next day, then manually change the "Created" date to when the meeting/conversation happened so I can sort the notes in chronological order.


Any thoughts or ideas?

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After you are finished entering and editing the Note, you can also change the "Date Updated".


You could probably use something like the Windows  AutoHotKey tool to set the "Date Updated" to "Date Created", or whatever you'd like.

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In the center portion of the Windows application (the Notes pane that shows the card or snippet list), at the right there's a little view menu (a rectangular icon, with a downward pointing triangle).


Click on that icon, then, from the menu presented, click on "Sort notes by."  From the submenu, select "Created" (the default is "Updated"). 


The green date listed in the Notes pane will henceforth be the Created date, not the Updated, date. 


(You might also want to check "Reverse sort order" at the bottom of that submenu.)


The choice you make is sticky; it will be in effect the next time you open the Windows application, as well.


All best wishes.

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Thanks for the tip.  I had never noticed that the date in the Snippet view changes based on the sort order selected.

BTW, this works the same in EN Mac 6.0.11.

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