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I am new to Evernote.  Recently, I have set up a number of Notes, but I would like them to be in a specific order.  Any suggestions as the pull-down list does not allow you to organise them the way you wished to?



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There is not a lot of flexibility with sorting notes. You can get the most options in List view. If you enter list view, you can sort by any of the visible columns (right click on any column to add or remove columns). 


You can do things like prefix titles with numbers and sort by title to force an order, which works well for a small number of notes, but is cumbersome for large numbers of notes. Likewise you can use tags to a similar effect.


There's a fair bit of discussion on these forums about it, a bit of searching should turn up some of it. The reality is, though, that manual sorting doesn't exist, and there are clumsy workarounds, but and large its limited. 


Maybe you could describe in some more detail what you are trying to accomplish? Some people around here might have some suggestions for other ways of doing what you hope to do. 

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If you sort and resort notes a lot, my fix will probably not be the best for you, but if you would like a few notes to always be on top my fix might help.


  1. In the Windows desktop app you can click on "i info" button.
  2. The pop up has a "created by date," change that to a future date.
  3. Sort your note by date created with most recent on top. 

I use this in notebooks where I want a few notes to be at the top. Sometimes they are index notes, sometimes they are overview notes. They often include note links to other notes in the notebook. 

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