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Lost 10 months worth of data, cannot retrieve

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I've typed out a thorough description of the problem I've had (massive loss of data on Evernote). However the forum won't let me post the full text.

So, I pasted the full text of my problem into a .txt file and attached it to this post. All the details are included in there.


Long story short, I've had a nightmarish time trying to recover data lost from Evernote, and I've followed all steps possible and gone a bit beyond. I could really use some help. Thanks you guys so much.

Evernote Issue - Full Description.txt

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OK - don't know why you were limited - here's a copy that I downloaded:



I've had Evernote for several years, and have a particularly important note that contains almost 2 years worth of data vital to my work. Evernote was set to sync daily. I only used Evernote on my Android phone (Kyocera Hydro Icon C6730; Android version: 4.4.2, Evernote set to update daily)
On April 22nd I went into Settings, and then Storage on my phone. I switched the primary memory storage from the micro-SD card (which was full) to the internal phone memory. Upon checking Evernote, this particular note - which I had edited just a few days prior - showed only data from 9 months ago. All the data I had written in the 9 months up to present was gone. Additionally, several other notes (of lesser importance) had also now reverted back to their state from several months ago.
I switched the internal storage back to the micro-SD card immediately. I checked, but no luck. The notes were only showing data from months prior now. I unmounted the SD card, re-mounted...nothing. I restarted the phone multiple times, switched internal storage to both options and then restarted...nothing.
I logged into the Evernote webpage and checked if the notes had been somehow moved to the Trash bin. They weren't there. I then paid for a premium membership to Evernote so I could see if the most recent versions had been saved in the Note History. All notes displayed in the history log were from 9 months prior. Since Evernote has been syncing daily on my phone, I have no idea how this is possible. 
I sent in a support ticket. A week later, a representative asked me to send over an activity log; however, as I only use Evernote on an Android phone, no activity log was available. 
The last step he gave me was to connect my phone to the computer and see if I could retrieve the notes manually from the Android > data > com.Evernote > files > user-(name) > notes folder, copying all ".enml" files and opening them as an HTML document. I did this, but again, all notes displayed were from 9 months prior. I have not heard back from the support representative since reporting this to him. It's been 9 days.
Today I tried scanning the micro-SD card with EaseUS Recovery Wizard and retrieving any deleted files as a last-ditch effort. I've found multiple ".enmltemp" files that I suspect are my more recent notes, but I cannot open files with the ".enmltemp" extension. A google search yielded nothing on how to open such file extensions. The data is extremely important and irreplaceable. I'm kinda at the end of my rope. Can anyone help me?
Have you looked for your note online by logging in here in a desktop browser? - https://www.evernote.com/Login.action
-I'm assuming you were syncing your notes regularly;  otherwise you were relying on the internal storage of your phone to save data which you described as "extremely important and irreplaceable" which as you now know is not a good idea...
And have you tried changing the file name of your enmltemp files to enml (or html) and opening them?
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Thanks for the quick reply. For reference the note's title is "Slap on Titan", a show we're working on.


I have tried looking for the "Slap on Titan" note online by logging in through a desktop browser. Same situation...the timestamp is 7/24/2014 for the note I need. I've checked and the data written in it is definitely from last July, no recent data.

Oddly enough, when I look through the "Slap on Titan" note history online, it shows slightly more recent versions. The most recent one being 9/6/2014. Still doesn't contain the bulk of information needed, but it's something.


I had Evernote set to sync daily, so I'm not sure why the note history for "Slap on Titan" only displays notes from months back. Other notes are synced to their most recent edit, so I think the sync functionality isn't at fault.


I have tried changing the name of the ".enmltemp" files to ".html". Opening this gives a document filled with gibberish text characters. I haven't tried changing them to the ".enml" extension, because I don't know a way to open ".enml" files by themselves (the rep told me I had to change all ".enml" files to ".html" to open them, if there is another way I'll give it a shot).


Something worth noting is that I acquired my phone almost exactly the same date that the "Slap on Titan" note is showing (7/24/2014). Also, if my memory is serving me, all notes I created after that date are still present in their current format (they weren't altered). All notes created before that date seem to be altered.

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OK - an ENML editor lives here - it gets under the hood of coding in notes - http://enml-editor.ping13.net/


As a premium user,  (sorry I didn't think of it earlier,  because the Support team take the weekends off) you can get Chat support if you click 'continue' on the support page after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action 

(That's 7am-7pm PST weekdays)


I still don't understand what happened here - if your notes were being synced back to the server,  the content should still exist,  even if it has been subsequently overwritten by older content from last year.  You should be able to see old content in note history,  or in Trash.  If it synced,  it exists.  If it didn't sync for some reason connected with your phone,  you should have seen warning signs of some sort.


The last,  best hope is:  is it possible that you created a new Evernote account by accident when you acquired the new phone?  Could there be different content in another account? - if you have any other login details it would be worth trying then out!


Last comment:  I strongly recommend that you raise a support request via the link above.  Post the ticket number here so that a forum Admin can take a look - if Evernote didn't receive the data there's not much they can do to help,  but they'll try their best I'm sure...

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