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Evernote Helper is being an eye-sore in the menubar

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With the menu bar fairly crowded I can't stand how the Evernote helper icon is misplaced by 1-2px in the vertical.

Plus it's a bit darker (38%) than the standard and especially prominent.


Please fix, it's such a lazy mistake.



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Agreed, this is a bit sloppy. while waiting for an official fix (if there ever is one) you could always modify the icon and modify/replace it yourself. It is located: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/Library/LoginItems/EvernoteHelper.app/Contents/Resources


Two files:




And if you ever record audio notes with the helper:



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Ahh, peace of mind. Thank you for the tipp Scott.


Fixed icons for the lazy.



Nicely done one those fixes. (the reason I didn't do it wasn't out of laziness, just on account of the fact that it doesn't bother me a great deal!) But I know that there are lots of folks around here that will be grateful to have these fixed menubar icons. 

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