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Hi.  Wifi sync means exactly that - a home or business wifi router or data point,  which is normally a faster connection than mobile data,  and has none of the limitations that may apply.

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Yup.  But IMHO that's what it means - IT folks tend to use wifi and wireless network interchangeably.  We don't (or haven't until recently) messed with 'phone-fu and data networks and other connections which,  while they don't use wires,  are not "wireless networks" as such. 

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That's how most people I know and most apps I've ever used that reference the two technologies use the words. Maybe if IT people are making an app for more than just IT people, they should words that non-IT people are gonna understand, don't you think? And if IT people didn't make the app, then why is the app using language that's uncommon outside of IT circles?


But, in any case, thank you for your clarification. I appreciate it.

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Years later...I'm thinking the same thing...the typical user can get this confused in settings. Most apps give you both options.. "wifi only" and/or "on any network". Or "mobile data Ok" etc.

If anything, "wireless network" sounds more like T-Mobile Network or Verizon Network...which is WIRELESS.

My WiFi equipment , which is wired to the wall, doesn't sound wireless.

& that's all I  have to say about that. 

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