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Insufficient Memory problem

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I'm using Evernote on my Nexus tablet running Android 4.4.3

When starting a new note I sometimes get a message that says..

'Insufficient memory space: 0 MB out of 0 MB available'

I note that Evernote is using 34 MB for the app and 59.99 MB for data. Is there some upper limit of 60 MB I am not aware of? I note that the tablet has 10.1 GB of 13.08 GB storage still available...

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Hi.  Well:  I have a note I copied from somewhere that says - "This is an error you may see on a mobile device if the available storage space is close to full.  If you have offline searchable notes,  you may have to find a way to reduce the number of notes stored on the device,  or otherwise reduce the downloaded apps and data stored on the device."


I know that Android devices have funny reservations about SD card storage - how much internal storage space does your device have?  


Do you have any notebooks set up as "offline searchable"?  If so,  you may have to allocate a separate notebook for this device and pare down the offline searchable notes to the absolute minimum.

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