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Default Note Title on Android

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Hi everyone, 


I just started using Evernote on my Android (Version 7.0.3) and I noticed that, when I enable automatic titles of notes, Evernote uses a completely different name than I have entered in my account. It says "Note by Diego @..." (my name is NOT Diego). I do have a coworker named Diego, but we do not work with Evernote at all in our office.


So is there any explanation for this? I checked everywhere in the settings but the name Diego does not appear anywhere.


Thank you!


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Hi.  'Diego' will have been added as a title because he appears in your diary or elsewhere in your system,  and Evernote thinks he's relevant to the day on which you're creating the note.  The 'smart' titles allegedly get better as time goes on,  if you correct or delete them when they're just plain wrong.  If they annoy you,  just switch the option back off.  There's no security issue here,  just not-very-smart systems trying to help.

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