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Syncing errors between multiple users



We have 4 people sharing a single note in Evernote.

There are problems when multiple people have the note open. For example, Jen, Scott, and Billy have the note open.

When Jen makes a change, Scott and Billy's note stalls and they cannot make changes until it finishes updating. This stall could take forever.


The problem arises when both Jen and Scott makes changes. When Scott makes his change after Jen, the note will suddenly sync with Jen's last change to her evernote, which means he lost all all changes he made.


It seems to have to do with the timing of syncing between multiple users. And I can't figure out a way to work around this, unless I ask everyone to shut down their evernote while I'm making changes.

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Evernote is NOT really designed to support simultaneous editing of the same Note by multiple users, like Google Apps.

If you try this in Evernote, you will likely end up with Note locks (like you are experiencing) and/or loss of data due to overwrites.

It is highly risky, IMO.


If you really need this capability, then you may want to explore using Google Apps/documents, or other software that supports simultaneous edits.

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Have you tried using work chat between users so if one finds the note locked s/he can chat with the other(s) and maybe get the note shared via chat so everyone can chip in?  Or at least get a headsup when the note is free to edit again.  Hint for all parties - manually sync your account both before and after all edits,  to make sure you have the most up to date version.

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