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Why Evernote do not show a Picture in the "neckline" list view?


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I want, that Evernote will show me a Picture in the "neckline" list view left side...

In the note, there is a picture - but Evernote do not show it!

Otherwise - why i can not choose a picture in the preview mode? It is angry :-(

Is there a solution? And if not, why?


Thanks 4 help...

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I'm not sure, but I think you are talking about the Snippet View, which shows a thumbnail of one of the images in the Note body.

If so, this has been a complaint for many years, and many, many users have requested that we be able to select the image that is used for the thumbnail.


You can get more info by doing a Google on "evernote thumbnail"

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At present you can't select a specific image for the snippet view.  Evernote automatically selects (they say) the picture with the "largest smallest dimension" as the thumbnail.  So if you have 600x500 and 900x400 pictures,  the last one will be the thumbnail.  


You could 

  • change the sizes of pictures in your note to meet the requirements (not easy or efficient)
  • delete all other pictures so there's only one to choose from
  • change the name (the extension) of the other picture files so they won't be recognised as such - JPG becomes GPJ forinstance
  • zip (compress) all the picture files but one into an archive file 


If you want a specific image style,  a 168x168 icon works perfectly.  (A little bigger or a little smaller puts it a little off center.)

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OKAY so it does not sound easy :-(

I think it is not efficient for the main work to do that "Picture Integration"...

I am looking forward, that Evernote will do something about!

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