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Scannable 1.1 is here



Hi Everyone, 


Scannable 1.1 has released to the App Store.  There are lots of fixes and improvements in this version, and you'll notice a refined user interface too.  Here are the highlights... feel free to post any questions.


- Faster and easier auto-detection of documents
- Improved flash use for better scans in low-light situations
- New image processing for better-looking color documents
- Scannable now produces PNGs instead of JPGs in cases where this improves image quality and file size
- Time stamps are now added to PDF filenames
- Add notes to captured business cards before you save to contacts
- You can now connect with someone on LinkedIn directly from Scannable
- Editing business card information now zooms in on the correct region of the captured card 
In addition to the new features, we fixed a bunch of bugs, including:
  • Image is blurry when "Vibrate" is turned on 
  • No warning when deleting scans that have never been shared

Thanks for all the support and feedback!

P.J. from the Scannable Team


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I've been getting a recurring error message "Cannot save your work to Evernote" whenever I start the app.  The message is incorrect as I've either not attempted to save work to Evernote or the work has been correctly saved.  I have got an activity log if any relevant developers at Evernote would like it?  Couldn't find the correct email address to send it on to.

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This is a big improvement. The previous version for unusable for me, but finally its a scanning app that works fine. Scans are not up to Scanbot standard, but they are smaller files and quite acceptable for most uses (documents, receipts etc)


Well done, you listened to the people!

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If you see a message from Scannable that a process timed out and Evernote was unable to upload scans,  but if you reshare,  you see a message that the file already exists in Evernote -

This is a false notification bug that appears on some new uploads.  Unfortunately once you get that state it's stuck.  

The workaround is to delete and reinstall Scannable.


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can i do anything about scanning in my desktop Win7?


Scannable is for mobile iOS devices.  What did you want to do with your desktop?  If you have a scanner,  it's built-in software should allow you to scan to your desktop.  If you're asking about sending Scannable output to a Windows machine,  then there should be no problems either,  as long as you do your scanning with an iOS device first...

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