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Why evernote remove my whitespace?



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If you use code to any extent,  you'll want to store all those handy snippets that do useful things somewhere where they can be easily copied and pasted into new routines.  Don't expect to use Evernote for this directly,  since the translation into HTML and EML (the code used in note formatting) often causes problems with indents and some punctuation.  Spaces in particular can be lost.
If you need to keep the spaces,  quotes and commas exactly where they are,  you're better off using a text editor and attaching the resulting document file to a note.  You will be able to open and edit the code when you need to,  and the text editor will maintain the correct formatting.
If you need to be able to search on the contents of the file,  copy and paste the content into your note - but don't worry about the layout. This is just for the keywords in the text.  You'll edit or copy the attachment when necessary to add to a completed process.
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In general, I think the situation is unchanged since Evernote began. You can see a couple years of posts on similar issues here (this is one of my last posts in the thread).



Basically, barring massive backend changes, Evernote is probably not the best tool for precision work of this sort. You'll need a workaround like the ones suggested by Gaz.

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