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HELP-Can't email a recorded note like I could in previous version


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Intrying to solve this problem, I found some info on the Evernote site's help files and it says to choose share and then choose email. That is what I used to do but this option is gone from that menu now in Evernote! Now your only option is to go to WORK CHAT and try to send it from there.


Once you enter the person's email address in WORK CHAT, you cannot tell if the email was sent. The sent email doesn't show in your sent email anywhere. When you choose this option and enter the persona's email "nothing happens", there is no send button and you have no reason to think the email has been sent out.


I also can't drag and drop- the dragged recorded note will not drop into my email. I also can't copy paste it to my desktop for example.


I have a hard time typing and used to use evernote to send "voicemails" by email. That's all I use evernote for. I've wasted half the day trying to find the answer.


Does anyone know how to download an old version of evernote, or does anyone have a solution to this problem?




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Hi.  Try Share > Send a Copy > and fill in the email details for your recipient,  plus checking the 'CC me' box.  If you then click Send you should get a pop-up confirmation the message has gone,  plus a copy to confirm.

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hi- thanks!

i just heard from the person that i tried to send the recorded message to (but couldn't tell if it had gone out or not) that he received it but couldn't play it because he didn't have  "an account" which i assume means he isn't part of the enforced-by-evernote "work chat" group, so that i guess only people who sign up can receive "evernotes", such as recorded messages.

I am so irritated by this- it worked so well for me in the previous version- i will have to find an old version of the software.


i thought i would mention this in case anyone from evernote monitors these forums.


anyhow thanks very much for your suggestion and i will give it a try.

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