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Can't Tag Notes

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Hi there, 


I am using Evernote (on Windows) to collaborate on a project with a colleague. He has created the notebook so I understand that he must create the tags which I can then use (which seems crazy but that's a whole other issue). However I cannot tag anything, even with existing tags. I comes up with the error warning 'Only tags that are already in this notebook can be added to this note' - but they are in the notebook...


Am I missing something?


He is a premium user but I am not - I'm not sure if it matters.


Please help!





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Hi.  Shared notebooks can be a bit cranky (technical term) sometimes.. get your colleague to add a new note to the notebook and tag it with one of the tags you can't currently use,  then sync the share to the server.  If you also then sync,  you should be able to see that note and the tag,  and be able to add another note of your own.  If that doesn't work,  get your colleague to unshare and re-share that notebook with you.  Hopefully repetition will then kickstart things.

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