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[Freeze] Screen stops all white



Kyocera White Freeze Problem(Evernote freezes at the 2nd time and the screen becomes all white)

My and my wife's accounts are facing this problem. There seems that many Japanese Evernote Android app users with Kyocera smartphones are being annoyed with this problem. I think you should fix this problem as soon as possible.

I and my wife are using Kyocera 202K(SoftBank, Japan) and we are facing the same problem. At least the vesion of of Android Evernote app has no problem. I tried to tap Force-Terminate button, Erase-Data button, reboot my smartphone in many orders with the version of 7.0.3, the problem did not be solved.

I've checked with our old smartphones in our house. Installing 7.0.3, first sign-in, first sync, terminate, and finally, restart Evernote app. If Evernote app starts at the 2nd time correctly, it's OK, but the screen becomes all white and freezes, it's NOT OK.

The result: Kyocera 101K(SoftBank)=>OK, Kyocera 201K(SoftBank)=> OK, HTC ISW12HT(au)=> OK. Kyocera 202K(SoftBank)=>NOT ok. According to the reviews of the Android Evernote app, many Kyocera smartphones seem to be NOT ok.

Does this problem depends on the version of Android? This problem occurs because of other apps? ...though I'm paying for the premium fee...

If you need log file, etc., I can cooperate with you. I cannot become root, though...


Why don't you provide,for example, tiny Evernote Web version for Android and iOS users, too? Your app often causes fatal bugs. Even in such situations, even if the behavior is quite minimized, we can access to our data through tiny Evernote Web with Android and iOS browsers. Sometimes it is critical for business users like me when we cannot have any access to our data without PC outside.

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