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(Archived) Formatting problems: paste HTML a solution?

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Love Evernote. Great to be able to have notes from laptop instantly available on my Droid.

HOWEVER... major formatting problems when converting straight text files, even with "paste without formatting." I tried to change a headline to bold, and the entire Evernote note when bold. Paragraph spacing was a disaster: on my Droid there were no paragraphs. And everything was underlined with no way to get rid of it.

Then I pasted my note into MS Word, and saved that document as an .htm document. Then I copied the content from the .htm document to the Evernote note pad and -- presto -- all my formatting problems, including paragraphs, were gone.

Seems like a solution... but a lot of unnecessary steps to get there...

Anyone found a simpler way to get decent formatting (when viewing docs from Droids, etc.)?


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