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Why do I see ads in the client as a paying user?!



I have paid EUR 40.00 for Evernote Premium and one of the reasons was to disable ads.


Now, since the last Mac client update, I get ads shoved down my throat again! In the sidebar, there is an unremovable link "Expand the possibilities of your team!" (rough translation) which opens a popup ad for Evernote Business.


The option to remove this advertisement is greyed out in View -> Sidebar options, even for me as a paying premium user.


How can you advertise Evernote Premium as ad free and then include ads in a later version? This is extremely shady and misleading! Remove this ad!

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We just officially released 6.0.12 for direct download customers so please upgrade to get a fix for this issue.  We have not rolled this out to Mac App Store customers yet because we have to wait for Apple's approval first.  You can read more about it and follow any discussions at the 6.0.12 release forum post.  http://bit.ly/1B8EucM.  

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