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Keeping a manipulated window active.


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When I am editting a note there are times when I realize that it is in the wrong notebook. I will move the note to the correct notebook only to have that note disappear on me. This annoyance does not occur when I have selected a searched note. Is there an option which allows the note to stay open when it is being manipulated? I understand that the quick-fix is to open up the note separately, but it is a preference issue. When creating new notes, I tend to open the Evernote interface as opposed to the new note dialog. Thank you.

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There is no fix that I know of, and I'm not sure one is needed.  I believe EN is operating as designed.

When you have a Notebook filter set, it shows only the Notes in that Notebook.

If you change the NB in one of these Notes, it will be removed from the list because it no longer meets the filter criteria.

Since EN does not have a "Save" button and all changes are applied immediately, this list update happens immediately.


Some users like this, some don't.


Besides opening the Note in a new window, you can also remove the Notebook filter by clicking on "All Notes" before you change the NB for a Note.

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