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Finding notes shared with you



After updating to latest, I got a banner indicating a note had been shared with my by someone else. The banner disappeared quickly. When I went to Evernote, I couldn't figure out how to find everything (or anything) that had been shared with me. In particular, I couldn't find anything new (with in the last month) that had been shared.

The fact that notebooks shared with me are different than what's shared via "work chats" is pretty confusing to begin with. But this latest has me pretty baffled.



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Hi.  You may have been mistaken about the message content if you're not aware of any notes being shared with you,  particularly as a recent thing.  I'd suggest ignoring the issue unless/ until you actually find the note when working through the content,  or have another message pop up somewhere.  The message may have been a notification that someone was trying to share a note - check your emails and the email spam folder in case a notification has been received there...

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Thanks for the replies. Notifications don't show anything. The original alert read "so_and_so shared a note with you" which did happen thru work chat 3 months ago, but there didn't appear to be any updates to it.

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