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Mac seeding out location date from EN helper app



I just noticed as I was reading on my computer, all of a sudden EN Helper app was asking for location data via location services. The little arrow lit up in the menu bar.

The main EN app was not open, I only had Safari open. I was not interacting with any part of EN from the clipper extension, the helper app menu item, or the app itself. So the helper app seems to phone home in some schedule and U.S. Releasing my GPS coordinates and perhaps more. I haven't had a chance to dump the communication being sent over the wire.

Does anyone have any other info to share about this? I like that EN adds my location to my notes, but it should make that call on note creation and save, not on some s he duke where I'm it sure what triggered it, what data is being sent, etc.

Does anyone know more or have a suggested test scenario to run?


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