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Saving Emails To Evernote

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Thanks.  Is that different than the free version?  You can send emails to the program in it.  Maybe the difference is being able to select a notebook, date etc?


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So I saw the announcement a little while ago about Evernote's new service levels.  A few questions come to mind, and maybe someone here can help out.  I'm currently a free user, and I'm trying to see what's going to change for me.


1) I see that the ability to email notes into Evernote is listed as a Plus and Premium feature.  So will that functionality be disappearing from the free version of Evernote?  If so, when will that happen? UPDATE: Apparently yes, Plus and Premium only after May 2015.


1. Correct--email into Evernote will become unavailable at the end of May. 


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