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Patent applications using notes from Evernote

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I work with a biotech startup and we use Evernote as our digital lab notebook to document data, ideas, notes, etc.


We are wondering if anyone has insight into how we provide documentation about the dates/times of certain notes or ideas that were recorded in Evernote? How would we incorporate those into the patent application?


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Hi.  No relevant expertise here,  but the two options you have for recording dates are:  the Created Date (and Updated Dates) of a note,  or an externally inserted date/ time stamp from a text expander like Phrase Express.  I don't know whether either would be acceptable as part of a US (?) patent application.  Both are editable by individuals with basic knowledge of the app.

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@Virtual Lab Manager:


I think you need to consult with a patent attorney.


But one idea is to print your EN Notes to PDF that captures the date/time.

You could then store the PDF in the same EN Note as the original text.

You might need to send these PDFs to some legal electronic lockbox.


Check with your attorney to see if this is legally acceptable documentation.


EDIT:  Sun, May 3, 2015 at 9:14 PM CDT


Just had an idea you can review with your attorney:


Your attorney could get an Evernote account:

  • I'm thinking this could be a secure, legally acceptable documentation container.
  • He can provide you with the email address to send info to it
  • Share the Notebooks with you with read-only permissions
  • You could then send via email the PDFs (of your EN Notes) to this EN account.  I would encrypt all PDFs.
  • You can view, but not change, the contents of the shared NB.
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