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Newbie Android user trying to mimic windows use

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Hi all

Normally use Evenote on my Windows laptop. But currently stranded in Nairobi with only my Asus Nexus (& bluetooth keyboard) while waiting to get back to my adopted home in Addis.

So, puzzzling out most of very restricted Android use - annoyed it is so ***** compared to Windows - but stuck on a simple one i.e. how do I select more than one note at a time to work on (tag in batch, move to other notebook in batch etc.) Tried control click; re-sorting then shift for top and bottom note;but getting nowhere.

Sorry if I am an obvious idiot but just cannot see how to make this work.

Thanks in advance for both your patience and help

Addis Geordie

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The Net Nanny came with the forums,  but was apparently programmed in the 1800's so as long as you don't refer to body parts,  functions or results you should get along fine.  Oh and don't mention wood fixings - that tapered rod with spiral threads along 3/4 of the length and a head on one end that fastens an object to wood or other soft material and is rotated into or out of the object using a screwdriver.  Doh!


As to your question,  Android is a different OS from Windows and runs devices that vary widely in their screen size.  The user interface is inevitably different from its (normally) big-screen cousins.  Batch anything isn't one of its features (yet).  If you long press a note (as I'm sure you know) you can assign it to a new notebook.  Not sure what the keyboard equivalent of that would be,  but that's all the functionality that's available.  If there's an AHK clone out there somewhere for Android you may be able to use that,  or if tagging notes is quicker than moving them you could set up some special tags - "M-default" forinstance,  meaning 'move this note to the Default notebook'.  You've pre-sorted your notes then,  and could batch move when you get to a desktop.

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