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What would happen to my notes that are over the 25 MB limit if I go back to the free version?

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Hi everybody,

I have never used EN premium, but I am considering it. What would happen to a note I create that goes up to 75 MB for example and I decide that premium isn't for me? (free version note limit is 25 MB)

Secondly, I am using the free version as I mentioned and I am able to save emails to Evernote, isn't this a Premium feature?

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Hi.  There have been some substantial recent changes to Evernote limits,  so your Premium note size limit will go up to 200MB.  SHould you save something that size and then downgrade you would still be able to look at it,  bit not edit it.  After downgrading you could copy and paste 24MB segments of the note into new notes and tie them together with tags or titles,  and then edit the content.  You could keep the original note as an archive copy or delete it once copied elsewhere.


As a current free user you will lose the option to save content by email in a few weeks - you'll get a notification first.  Yes,  this is now a Plus/ Premium feature.


Full comparison of the new terms here - we're in a transition phase ATM so there will be some anomalies for existing customers,  to be ironed out over the next couple of months.



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