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Need to delete (not deactivate) my account

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  • You can remove all content (if any) in your account by deleting it from any device and emptying the Trash notebook.  (Make sure you export anything valuable first!)
  • Sync and check Evernote Web to confirm you have no notes.
  • If you pay for the account,  check and remove your payment details.
  • In the Web version click your name and Settings and change the email address shown there to a fictitious email address.  Once you've done this the account will be unrecoverable.
  • Now 'deactivate' the empty anonymous account.
  • If you have Evernote installed on multiple devices,  they may still show content in local caches.  Uninstall Evernote wherever it appears (or log out and into another account) and that content will disappear.

Evernote's take on all this is here..  https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23403793

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