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Searching for nested tags is problematic


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In Evernote 4, there were toolbars options which allowed you to search just tags or just notbooks. The search worked in real time with no delay, it showed all the results which included the searched word, and when you pressed the notebook or tag in the search result in the drop down menu, the left panel would also jump to that notebook or tag. This made it very easy to find nested tags within the nest.
These searches where moved in Evernote 5 to the Notebook and Tags windows. The notebook search works pretty much as before, but it destroyed the tag search.
The tag search is now really slow (depending on the database and the PC as well i guess), but the main problem is that the search isn't really showing you any results if you have lots of tags and they are nested.
First of all, the search only highlights a tag if you have written it exactly as the tag name, even though it also displays all the other tags with the searched word in it, as well as those tags parents and child tags. The highlighting, if you managed to spell it 100%, is still only a 1px blue frame as well, which is really hard to spot among all those parent and child tags. To compare, if you click on a tag, you get a much more obvious highlight.
Today, the only way to find the relevant tag(s) is to click the collapse button next to each parent tag in the nest, as Evernote doesn't allow you to collapse a parent tag which includes a relevant search result.
This is a very time consuming action. Is this considered a design choice or a "bug" which has yet to be fixed?


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EN Mac 6+ has the same basic issue.


The Tags view/screen is basically unusable if you have much more than 100 tags.

This needs a complete redesign.


It would also be very helpful if Evernote would restore all of the right-click functionality to the Left Side Panel Tag list and Notebook list like it was in Ver 3.  Most, if not all, of the functionality in the Tag View should also be in the Left Side Panel.

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