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Incorrect phone format when scanning business card with evernote



In Canada, the phone format is (nnn) nnn-nnn where (nnn) is the area code.

When I scan a business card with evernote for IOS I get the phone format nn nn nn nn nn which is the Europe format.

The business card function of evernote is therefore not usefull and I never use it because of that bug.

I reported that bug to evernote more than a year ago, and a second time a few months ago.

It is still not fix.

I retest that function on every new version of evernote and I am disapointed each time.

What are you doing?????

Please fix that problem.


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I am in Australia and the format is not correct for us.

There does need to be some localisation settings so this is fixed.

I always have to go in and edit the phone number which makes it less than satisfactory.

Is this the correct area to report this and get feedback on such issues?

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This is a very anoying problem for me too.

I don't understand why Scannable is doing this and it's very irritating to have to edit every single phone number.


Fix this please.




I'm sorry to hear that you're having a problem with phone numbers. Are you having the issue in the Evernote app or the Scannable app? We fixed the known phone number formatting issues in a prior release of Evernote.




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I just tested it in the Evernote app - the result when I scanned a mobile number which was in this format 0400 123 456 it came into evernote like (040) 012-3456 - still not super useful unfortunately.
Scannable does the same.In Australia we have local area codes of (02) for landlines but the format listed above is the most common for mobiles.

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Change this to either:


- Let us choose what format

- Use the format as on the business card

- Do not format at all



Really annoying otherwise


I agree it needs more options for customising how numbers appear as the current default is not working for Australian numbers or for storing international numbers. 

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I am having terrible trouble with scanning in general on Evernote 

1. on the Android system it changes its mind and decides to use photo instead of documents. If you want to change them to another format you must 

notice it before you save it otherwise its a permanent img

2. On IOS the camera is not working its crashing on my ipad mini 


Anybody had similar problems? I have been advised by support to downgrade. The point is why did evernote do this at all we had a perfectly good scanning system prior to April where you could choose business card or document etc before you scanned. Whats the advantage of automating this ? I can't see any other than dumbing down the system


Can Evernote read this and change it back to the original system 

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I've just updated to the latest version of Evernote, and now I can't enter Japanese format mobile numbers which are ###-####-####. Totally irrelevant brackets are added, making the tool useless.

Fix it, NOW!

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NOW - uuuuuh, in CAPITAL letters.

Now the EN guys will hide in the basement, fearing your furor. Sorry, will not come out to program that feature.

Personally I doubt they will bloat their code just to introduce a country- and network-specific way of auto-formating phone numbers. And if it is, it probably is not in the DOITNOW-category of their backlog. Sounds more like the bling-bling that you are adding when everything else is done - from which state IMHO we are far away.

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