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What happened to all the colors?

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In the past the notebooks had a nice wood color and finish. I now have the new version installed and the colors look all bland and muted. Is there something wrong with my version? It's version: 6.0.9 (451536 App Store)


Please see attached image.


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You're in good company: we're all in the same boat. Minimalism is trending... and so are soft salmon pink hues in the Evernote Mac client's translucent Left Panel and Note List if you stick to the Yosemite sunset wallpaper.  


Nice use of arrows in your annotated image!

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It's horrid. Visually speaking it makes it arduous to interact for long periods of time because your eyes have to strain to see the grey icons on pale grey backgrounds. Urgh. Hate it. 


By the way, how do you embed a screen shot in your post? I seem to have forgotten! Thanks!!

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