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I'm new at EverNote and loved it so please answer my questions

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Hello EverNote members all of you ,




Since Dec 2014 using this nice service that's EverNote , actually all of my using is from iPhone / iPad platform , i liked many things at it and also today i noticed after i was worried of that point that's ( created note and modified ) like file and folders details so i being more happy for this , hopefully there are somethings needed to be asked how to do and some question below here and i hope all can help me and show me workable comments :


  • If a note deleted accidently wrong is there way to retrieve it back ?
  • When i copy some paragraph and some of them in colored bracket , how to change the color of it and not the text color ?
  • Is there way to arrange the photos and also separates them with each paragraphs ?


I will be thanksful for whom understanding me for these questions.





Western Zain

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  • Evernote Expert

All the functions that u ask are somewhat present in the Desktop versions, for instance, you can recover deleted notes from the Trash. Mobile Platforms are somewhat limited in functionality and provide only the bare essentials. If you need to look up a deleted note, and if you dont have a Desktop PC, I suggest you to look up Evernote Web version via a browser, it might be able to help you out.. 

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Hello Western -


1. You can find deleted notes in the Trash. This is available on both mobile and desktop, although it may depend where you deleted it.


2. Are you looking to highlight text here? For instance, keep the text black but add yellow around it?


3. Do you want photos to use "Wrap Text" like in Microsoft Word?

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