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Password Sync Issues

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I usually set very secure passwords using KeePass and let the application handle my passwords when signing in and out. I'm a desktop premium user so I have the ability to switch between my personal evernote account and my work account. So having strong passwords and two-step isn't an issue for windows users.


Today I had a meeting so thought it'd be nice to use my android tablet and start using my work account. I noticed I had to log out fully from my personal evernote account in the app, then login again using my work account. The thing is, my password is 20 or so characters with all kinds of symbols and numbers. So I figured, I'm going to have to change my evernote account passwords to something less obscure and more memorable if I'm going to be switching accounts a lot more on my mobile devices.


I changed my password on the website, however when I went to login it said "wrong password". So I figured, maybe it has to sync across their servers or something? It's been 5 hours and I still can't use my new password on anything. YET, if I try and change my password again, my password I used to login to my account (the original) works... but when changing the password it asks for "current password" which you'd think is the same as what I used to login... but it isn't. I have to use my new password I set earlier to change the password again.


I'm a little stuck now. I also tried to setup two-step on my new work account but no email's with codes are being sent to me. 


So I'm not sure where I stand at the moment. I have three passwords written down now and all three are required to either login, or change the password. Yet I can't login using any of my new passwords. But if I change the password again, I'm required to use the newest password I last set.


Anybody else having similar issues?


TL:DR - Reset password. I can't login using the new password. However when changing the password again, I have to use the latest password (which doesnt work to login) in order to be able to change it again.



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This sounds like you have accidentally set up a new second account, and much of the information you've posted seems to point to support that diagnosis--the note differences, the different passwords, and the different accounts. Let's focus on the account with all of your notes--Evernote Web with the working newest password. Can you log completely out of your Windows application and completely sign in with the exact same credentials that you are using to access Evernote Web? 

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