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Design of top area of the note reading pane



With EN for Android v5:

  • the top bar and the bottom bar each ocupy one-line height;
  • the bottom bar can be forced hiden readily with the menu button; 
  • the note title is buried in the top bar of one-line height, which appears/dissappears as the note content moves up and down.
  • The screen use is maximized.
  • Uncertainty in content presentaion is minimized.

However, since EN for Android v6+, the team

  • combines bottom bar and top bar and move them to the top;
  • the new top area now have the top bar and the title bar;
  • the new top bar is of the height of ~2 lines, holds only 3 buttons and 80% is blank;
  • the new title bar is of the height of at least 3~4 lines; if a note unfortunately has a long title, the new title bar would occupy almost 1/3 height of the screen;
  • to make things worse, during the reading process of moving up/down, the new huge title bar covers or exposes a big part of the note content in an annoying way.



The reading experience on EN for Android v6+ is really TERRIBLE.


In addition, since this year, the team boasts revamping the whole system and increasing the sync speed signficantly.


However, my observation is:


The reponding speed of both EN for Win v.5+ and EN for Android v.6+ is significantly SLOWER than that on previous versions.


EN now has a huge user base and a solid monopoly position.


Hope the team can listen to the customer voice and focus on those fundamental experience of use.



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