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Evernote Web with Copy and Paste

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Hello Everyone,


Question: How to I copy and paste an image into the Web Interface? I regularly take screenshots and paste them into the Windows application, but when I'm on a system that does not have it installed, I'd like to do the same with the web interface. When I try to paste the image on my clipboard into the web interface, it does not do anything.


Am I missing anything? Is this a feature request? If this is a feature request is there a way for me to submit it?


I'm actually not even sure if pasting screenshots into a text editor is possible through HTML5/Javascript, but if it is it would be an amazing feature. To be honest, the screenshot feature (being able to paste images from the clipboard) is the reason I went to Evernote in the first place!


Praise: I love Evernote. I use it for pretty much everything. It organizes my life. I used to use tomboy notes but switched to Evernote due to the following killer features:


- It handled screenshots

- It sync'd to all my devices


I've been a free user for years now and I just bought Evernote Plus because it finally came into my price range. I had often said that if it came down to $1 a month I'd go for it...well, at $2 a month, it was low enough that I could justify the cost. It feels great to be an Evernote supporter now!

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I do not see any way to paste an image using EN Web client into a Note.

The only option I see is to do use the EN Web Clipper on a page with only the images(s) you want selected.

This, of course, will put the image into a new Note, and then you will have to refresh the EN Web client page.

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