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Keyboard shortcut to open an existing note in a new window





There are other posts on the same topic - I know. I just wanted to add another one.


Apparently there used to be a keyboard shortcut for it in the past - Evernote removed it! Why?


Is there anyway to work around it?




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The only work-around I know of is to write a short AppleScript, and then assign a shortcut key (via FastScripts or Automator).

tell application "Evernote"		set _sel to selection -- Gets the Note(s) Selected in Evernote	if _sel ≠ {} then		set aNote to first item of _sel -- Get ONLY the 1st Note		open note window with aNote			end ifend telltell application "System Events" to set frontmost of process "Evernote" to true
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Thanks Explorer.


This clearly works when I run the script. But I am having trouble using the automator to automate this (new to this part). Can you perhaps post a snapshot of how I can make the automator run this script?

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