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Disable / change function of the F5 key in Evernote





How can I change / deactivate the Evernote’s assigned function for the F5 key? I have remapped system wide the F5 key to act as Cmnd-C (Copy) using the keyboard shortcuts settings pane on OSX. It works great on other programs but in Evernote, even if the key is showed as mapped under the Edit menu, it just brings a list of spelling completion when I press it.


Try it yourself: Write something like ser and press F5. It brings a list with all the choices the spell checker knows that start with those 3 letters (seriously, server, servers…). This F5 key / shortcut is not documented anywhere.


Other keys I have mapped on the OSX settings work perfectly on Evernote:


F6: Paste

F4: Cut

F3: Select All

F2: Undo


This arrangement is good for me because I use an external Logitech G15 keyboard with my mac and it has this keys on the left side for easy access.


Attached you can see a screenshot of how it looks when I press F5 after writing ser:


Hope someone can help me.


Thank you.


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I have tried to contact support about this but everywhere on the site I find that only customers paying for plus or premium have access to direct support.

Do you know how I can get in touch with support so I can report this bug?


EDIT: I have found that it is still possible to submit a support ticket.

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