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Paste without images?


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Hi, is there any method to paste html texts, articles without the included pictures? I can't find this option in the menus and hotkey lists. In the web-clipper extention, either.

Can we exclude parts of a page or simplified page in webclipper preview mode?

Some pages like Bloomberg are using giant pictures using lot of storage, ultimatelly.

Thank you.


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Some browser clippers can be set to save to your desktop database.  If you do that you'd have a chance to delete pictures that are too large before they're synced online;  if you want to use copy and paste,  you could try the 'paste as plain text' option,  or you could use a screenshot rather than a copy and paste.  You could also use 'clip selection' if you can highlight the text you need and exclude the pictures.  There's no specific setting to exclude images though.

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If I use text only, it will get difficult to read and the link of the article will be omitted, too.

I'm manually deleting pictures sometimes, after inserting texts in evernote desktop, but it is difficult sometimes. This with the offline notebook I will try soon, thank you. (I should sort the notes and put them to other notebooks then, other work more to do...)

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Thank you. After a quick test, Clearly sometimes works, sometimes not. It cuts titles, inserts most pictures. Sometimes the comments are inserted the end of the text. Mosly the same as simplyfied article in Evernote Web Clipper.

Developers should test it on the new designed Bloomberg.com for example, or New York Times.

(But the articles are much more readable, clearly.)

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